At Christie Sullivan and Young we cut to the chase.

Our clients face complex and potentially costly legal challenges. They want straightforward, honest answers to their questions, and they want them fast.

We have a keen sense of our clients' needs. We have made a commitment to cut through the confusion that often accompanies legal representation. Our approach is simple, direct and effective. Christie and Young is the right firm for the right reasons.

Whether chipping away at disagreements during negotiations or presenting piercing legal arguments in court, we attain our clients' goals as quickly and directly as possible. Our results-oriented approach makes a difference to our clients. We are responsive, knowledgeable and experienced--seasoned trial attorneys who know the courts in which we practice.

We have carved out a reputation for high standards. We sculpt our practice to meet our clients' interests. We shave away impractical arguments and maneuverings. We work with zeal. We find new ways to solve problems fast. We commit to our clients and are dedicated to their success.

All of these pieces come together to form a firm with a hard-edged approach to achieving clients' goals and moving their businesses forward.